A passenger was kicked off an American Airlines flight for farting too much

Kicked off the plane for farting: A passenger on an American Airlines flight was removed for an unusual reason; fart

In a recent viral post on Reddit, a passenger on a flight from Phoenix, Arizona, to Austin, Texas described the amazing story of the events that unfolded on January 14th.

In a post to the r/Austin subreddit, user u/Glamgalatx began: “Last Sunday I was on a direct American flight from Phoenix to Austin and I was sitting near the row where this happened. I’m just sharing this because I’m somewhat amused. and I didn’t take any film.”

After boarding the plane, the Reddit user couldn’t help but notice a man who was “audibly unhappy” and chalked up his behavior to “hungover” or “hard day” and said “hell” while doing the grunt. his chair
A few minutes later, things seemed to pick up as the man’s voice was heard exclaiming, “You thought that was rude? Well, what about this smell?” and continued to shout.

“I don’t know what prompted that comment, and while it’s funny to hear, it’s especially uncalled for from a grown man on a plane,” the Reddit user recalled.

“The people sitting immediately near him were ladies who seemed to be minding their own business. I didn’t get a response from anyone, but the man sitting next to me smiled and nodded.”

Kicked off the plane for farting
The man was allegedly removed from the flight after passing gas loudly and being rude. Photo / 123rf

The flight was early in the evening and many passengers were eating snacks, and the farting man wasn’t too happy about it and said loudly, “Yeah, let’s all eat the stinkiest food possible at the same time.”

That prompted a man in the row to reply, “If you don’t like it, you can fly private,” to which Hartman says, “That’s very rude.”

Another passenger then blurted out, “I think we can all agree you’re rude here,” and the farting passenger replied, “Something like, ‘This class is too low.’
Another passenger replied, “Well you’re back here with the rest of us in economy.”

These exchanges prompted the flight crew to step in and tell the farting passenger, “Enough.”

The original poster continued: “The plane eventually taxis towards the runway but stops. An announcement comes up saying ‘Sorry for the interruption but we’re coming back to the gate, we’ll let you know when we have more information. “”

After returning to the gate, the flight attendant returns to inform the passenger that he will not be staying on the flight.

people-seated-in-a-plane-Kicked off the plane for farting
Stock photo of passengers inside an airplane. PHOTO: GETTY

“I don’t understand,” he replies, as he is told there will be an argument when he gets off the plane.

He added: “He gets up, grabs his bag and quietly exits the plane. We all breathed a sigh of relief when he was taken out, I think most people thought about what he might say next. Or they were angry.”
In the end, the trip was only delayed by 15-30 minutes, and the OP believes the airline “handled it quickly.”

Since the post was shared, it has received over a thousand upvotes as people responded with their thoughts in the comments.

“I wonder if Fartman ever made it to Austin?” one person said.
Another person wrote: “He missed an opportunity to fart on the way out and shout ‘Smell you later!’

Another joked: “Maybe another flight was low on gas?”

“The delay seems worth it for the story alone,” commented a fourth.

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