Kevin Costner’s nasty divorce intensifies as he and Christine now battle over pots, pans and the Peloton

Kevin Costner’s nasty divorce intensifies, The nasty divorce between actor Kevin Costner and his wife of 19 years, Christine Baumgartner, continues to intensify. On Friday, the Yellowstone star scored a win when a California judge granted his request to block Christine from removing certain items from their lavish Carpinteria home.

Kevin Costner’s nasty divorce intensifies

Kevin Costner's nasty divorce intensifies 1
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Superior Court Judge Thomas Anderle signed an order stating that Christine could only take her “toiletries, clothing, handbags, and jewelry,” according to People magazine. She is barred from taking “any other items of property including, but not limited to, furniture, furnishings, appliances, and artwork.”

Earlier on Thursday, Kevin had legally requested that Christine be prohibited from taking any of his possessions. His lawyers argued that under their prenuptial agreement, there is “no community property” and the items Christine planned to take were not rightfully hers. They also complained that her removal list was too vague.

Christine’s lawyers countered with photos of the items she wanted and said Kevin “complained that reference to ‘some pots and pans’ was so vague he could not consent to their removal,” despite his $24 million income last year.

She claimed, per The Blast, “There is no mystery as to what I plan to remove. Kevin will not be harmed by my removal of any of the items I have listed, and certainly not personal items such as my Peloton bike and family heirlooms.”

Kevin Costner's nasty divorce intensifies
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Additionally, on Friday, People reported that in a court filing, Kevin alleged Christine had secretly been planning their separation for months before telling him in April she intended to file for divorce.

“Months before separation,” the document read, “although the parties had always leased their automobiles, without [Costner’s] knowledge or consent, [Christine] bought an expensive vehicle for her personal use (probably because the [prenuptial agreement] allows her to take that vehicle with her).”

He also accused her of “taking cash advances” on the credit cards of staff and his own property without permission.

In response, Christine claimed Kevin was trying to “smear” her reputation publicly.

This latest chapter comes as Christine moves out of their lavish shared home per a July 5 court order, after she said Kevin was attempting to kick her out. Meanwhile, he maintained she was refusing to leave in violation of their prenuptial agreement.

As reported, Christine is entitled to a $1.4 million divorce settlement under the prenup terms, which she contests. After his costly first divorce, Costner had an ironclad prenup before marrying Christine. While a November trial is set regarding the prenup’s validity, the judge has deemed it binding.


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