Kevin Costner’s Ex Tears Up Refuting Boyfriend Claim in Divorce Court

Kevin Costner’s ex-wife Christine Baumgartner tearfully testified she is not dating Josh Connor, despite their Hawaiian vacation. In the contentious divorce hearing, she maintained they were just friends.

When questioned about the trip where they were photographed smiling together, Baumgartner insisted through tears that Connor is not her boyfriend. She said she shared a hotel room with a female best friend.

TMZ reported that Costner had referred to Connor as Baumgartner’s “boyfriend,” believing there was more to the relationship. But she said Connor gave her money because she worried about finances, not romance.

Baumgartner gave $10,000 of the funds to her mother and returned the rest, she testified. Since filing for divorce in May, she and Costner have battled over terms.

With bitterness around every aspect of their split, the former couple faces a long road to finalizing their dissolution. But Baumgartner remained firm under oath that despite appearances, Connor is just a friend.

Her emotional testimony aimed to dispel Costner’s boyfriend’s allegation amidst their contentious proceedings. For now, Baumgartner insists she and Connor are nothing more than close companions.


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