Kettles are also one of the anti-health devices, a 19-year-old female student mentioned 4 cases of emergency procedures


Kettles are also one of the anti-health devices


Kettles are also one of the anti-health devices: Kae, a 19-year-old American female college student, was originally in good health, but she was sent to the emergency room four times in the past six months. From colds complicated by bronchitis to sinusitis, sore throat, etc., each symptom lasted for weeks, making her exhausted to cope with it; and the culprit of this series of problems turned out to be her kettle!

The female college student shared her experience on TikTok. She once suffered from a cold that did not heal for a week. After going to the emergency room, she was found to have bronchitis. Later, she developed urticaria due to an allergy to drugs. After finally recovering, I developed sinusitis again and needed to take antibiotics. When she finally recovered, she came back with a bad cold and suffered from a sore throat that lasted for weeks.

The female college student reflected on her hygiene habits and suspected that it was because she did not clean the kettle often. After searching online, she discovered that she had been cleaning the kettle incorrectly and that the leak-proof silicone gasket at the mouth of the bottle needed to be removed and cleaned. When she removed the silicone pad, she was surprised to find that it was covered with black mold, so she immediately bought a new kettle and strictly followed the correct cleaning procedures.

A female college student said that cleaning her old kettle in the wrong way caused her to frequently get sick. However, after adopting the correct cleaning method, she never had any health problems again.

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