Kate Middleton Is Getting Some Backlash After Repeating an Outfit a Little Too Close Together

Kate Middleton Is Getting Some Backlash: If you’ve followed Kate Middleton‘s style over the years, you know that the royal loves to rewear some of her favorite pieces. From her gorgeous coats to her colorful dresses, the Princess of Wales has given us all a masterclass in how to re-wear outfits while making them feel new and fresh each time.

With that said, however, this week’s royal rewear hasn’t received as many raving reviews from her fans. In fact, Middleton is even getting some backlash over it. In a nutshell, Middleton wore a navy double-breasted pinstripe suit from Holland Cooper two times this week, and fans are thinking the quick repetition is a bit too much.

On Sept 29, Middleton wore the suit with a cream-colored turtleneck shirt while meeting Apple CEO Tim Cook. “It was a true honor to meet with the Prince and Princess of Wales,” Cook wrote on X (formerly known as Twitter) alongside pictures of the three. “We had a wonderful and wide-ranging discussion about the environment, mental health, and other issues that mean a great deal to all of us.”

A few days later, on Oct 3, Middleton wore the exact same blazer and trouser combo but this time with a loose-fitting cream blouse underneath. On this day, Middleton celebrated the beginning of Black History Month with her husband, Prince William.

“Why would she wear the same suit twice in one week?” commented one Instagram user. “Rewearing is boring, suits are boring, now we want coat dresses back but just a few months ago they were boring too,” wrote another.

Kate Middleton Is Getting Some Backlash 1

Another user even speculated if the quick rewear was all part of Middleton’s plan to move the spotlight away from her outfits. “She clearly doesn’t want her engagements to be about her fashion,” one wrote. “I get it but also hate it.”

Overall, however, fans pointed out how the latest rewear criticism is hypocritical given the praise she’s gotten in the past for repeating her looks. “If she debuts new pieces it is a problem because she’s spending too much, if she wears fast fashion is unethical but also green fashion brands are a problem cause most of the time they are not so cheap,” wrote one insightful user. “What is she allowed to wear?”

If you ask us, a back-to-back rewear like this shouldn’t be raising any eyebrows, let alone harsh criticisms. After all, she looked good on both days and did the work she set out to do – isn’t that the point?


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