‘Scared To Death’: Joe Scarborough Names Candidate Spooking Trump From GOP Debate

Joe Scarborough Names Candidate: During a recent segment on MSNBC, Joe Scarborough revealed his belief that Donald Trump is gripped by fear when it comes to facing off against GOP presidential contender Chris Christie. Scarborough asserted that Trump’s avoidance of the upcoming first Republican primary debate is primarily motivated by his trepidation of Christie.

Scarborough’s analysis of Christie, who has shifted from being a Trump ally to a vocal critic, came in response to Matt Lewis, a senior columnist at The Daily Beast, who pondered on whether the former president truly comprehends the potential threat posed by his Republican adversary during an MSNBC appearance.

The host of “Morning Joe” shared his view that Trump’s apprehension towards Christie stems from a number of factors, notably recalling the former governor of New Jersey’s history.

“He witnessed Chris Christie’s impact on Marco Rubio in a previous debate, where Christie’s clear intention was to dismantle his opponent. Trump is well aware that Chris Christie played a significant role in the imprisonment of Jared Kushner’s father, serving as an unyielding prosecutor who adeptly presents his arguments,” commented Scarborough.

“Furthermore, Trump recognizes that his successful strategy in 2016 involved disruption – the art of rattling Hillary Clinton and other debate stage contenders. It’s a tactic as old as eight years, reminiscent of Elvis in ’77.”

Scarborough went on to emphasize that Christie possesses an uncanny understanding of Trump’s vulnerabilities.

“Undoubtedly, Christie’s political intuition is unparalleled, enabling him to foresee developments. Hence, I believe Trump is utterly petrified of Chris Christie and lacks the courage or resolve to share the stage with him, anywhere,” asserted Scarborough.

As the first GOP primary debate approaches in Milwaukee next week, Trump’s participation remains unconfirmed. In an interview with Eric Bolling of Newsmax, Trump indicated his reluctance to sign the Republican National Committee’s loyalty pledge – a prerequisite for debate inclusion.

Meanwhile, Christie, who has previously voiced reservations about this requirement, informed Jonathan Karl, host of ABC’s “This Week,” that he had not yet received the loyalty pledge. Responding to a Trump-directed attack, the former governor seemingly confirmed his presence at the debate in a Tuesday statement.

“Regardless of the circumstances, I’ll either see you at the Milwaukee debate or not. The choice is yours, Mr. Trump,” Christie posted on X (formerly known as Twitter).


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