Joe Jonas Allegedly Asked For Nudes From An Actress Years Before Divorcing Sophie Turner

Joe Jonas Allegedly Asked For Nudes: Amid Joe Jonas’ divorce from Sophie Turner, actress Alexa Nikolas alleged he asked for nude photos when they were teens, despite his purity ring.

The former Zoey 101 star claimed on Twitter that Jonas requested explicit photos when they met as teens, though he wore a purity ring publicly. Jonas and his brothers ditched the rings in 2013.

Joe Jonas Allegedly Asked For Nudes

Nikolas is 31 now, three years younger than Jonas. The timeline of his alleged request as a teen is unclear. Nikolas was 12 when Zoey 101 started in 2005 and 16 when it ended in 2008. Jonas was already 19 for Camp Rock’s 2008 premiere.

So there may have been concerning behavior given their age gap. At the 2021 Jonas Brothers Roast, Turner also joked Jonas was intimate with actresses despite the ring.

In 2013, Jonas said he lost his virginity at 20, a few years before ditching the ring publicly.

Rumors continue amid Jonas’ divorce from Turner, his wife of four years with whom he shares two daughters. The couple called the split a “united decision” in a statement after Jonas filed on September 5th.

The nude photo allegations add a new layer to the divorce news, implying inappropriate actions despite Jonas’ purity ring image as a teen celebrity.


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