Jill Biden Didn’t Want a Second Date With Joe Biden as Soon as He Showed Up for Their First for This Reason

First Lady Jill Biden’s love story with President Joe Biden is one for the ages but it almost didn’t get off the ground due to her initial reaction to her now-husband on their first date.

The couple met in 1975 and went on to welcome a daughter, Ashley, in addition to the now-president’s two sons from his first marriage, Beau and Hunter. His daughter Naomi died in the same car accident that killed Biden’s first wife. But Biden’s first meeting with Jill, three years after the tragic crash, got off on the wrong foot for this hilarious reason.

Jill Biden’s love story with President Joe Biden 2

Per Page Six, Jill, 72, talked about her first date with Biden during a speech at a fundraiser for her husband at the Upper East Side’s Lotos Club. “It was the ’70s . . . It was Vietnam, love beads, equal rights. I wore my hair down to the middle of my waist, and so did most of the men I dated,” she recalled. “Remember what you were wearing then? Clogs, bell-bottoms, tie-dyes.”

“One day, I was asked out on a date from out of the blue, and that evening a handsome young senator showed up at my door… I took one look at his perfect suit and his leather loafers and I thought, ‘Thank God it’s only one date.”

Jill continued: “Well, one date eventually turned into a marriage proposal. And OK, if I am being completely honest, it was five proposals, because this was not part of my plan.”

Jill Biden’s love story with President Joe Biden 1

Jill previously revealed 2019 that Biden proposed to her several times before she accepted due to her concerns about stepping into his sons’ lives while they were still grieving their mother and sister.

In her recent speech, she also recalled of her hesitation at the time, “more than that, it wasn’t just my heart that was on the line… as many of you know, years before, Joe’s wife, Neilia, and his baby daughter were killed in a car accident.”

“After all that his two sons, Beau and Hunter, had lost,” Jill added, “I knew that if I said yes to Joe, it had to be forever. So eventually I realized that my love for Joe and the boys outweighed any fears I had, and I said yes. And here we are 46 years later.”


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