Jennifer Aniston Shares Her Baking Adventure with Sandra Bullock: ‘Fold It In!’

Jennifer Aniston Shares Her Baking: Jennifer Aniston and her friends had a fun day in her Bel Air home, where they whipped up chocolate pumpkin brownies from Lil Luna in her mid-century modern-style kitchen. Aniston enlisted her famous friends, including Sandra Bullock and Sean Hayes, to help her bake. Bullock was stationed at the oversized cutting board, leading the culinary charge with the help of her sous chef for the day, Hayes. The intimate gathering of novice bakers was likely in honor of Bullock’s 59th birthday, and Aniston shared photos of the party to her 43 million Instagram followers.

Jennifer Aniston Shares Her Baking

Jennifer Aniston Shares Her Baking 1

As Bullock combined ingredients, Aniston gave her orders and teased her friend, while Hayes repeated everything emphatically. Bullock good-naturedly scolded one of their off-camera friends for picking their nose and trying to give cooking advice. Despite the brownies’ decadent-sounding recipe calling for canned pumpkin, chocolate, nuts, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves, they were more suited for Halloween festivities than the summer heatwave.

Jennifer Aniston Shares Her Baking 2

In addition to the cooking content, Aniston shared several never-before-seen photos of Bullock on her Instagram Story, including a sentimental snapshot with the caption “Happy Birthday Sand-a-La!!” The day was a success, filled with laughter, good food, and cherished memories.


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