Irina Shayk’s Dating Strategy With Tom Brady Backfired & She’s Reportedly Asking for a Do Over

Irina Shayk’s Dating Strategy With Tom Brady Backfired: Hollywood loves a passionate love triangle, but the most recent one involving Irina Shayk, Tom Brady, and Bradley Cooper had at least one unwilling participant. It seems that the retired football star wasn’t exactly thrilled be dragged into the reported on-again, off-again situation between Shayk and Cooper.

Irina Shayk’s Dating Strategy With Tom Brady Backfired

The dating strategy of possibly making Cooper jealous by dating Brady misfired from several directions, and now, the supermodel is reportedly trying to ask the retired athlete for a do over. After sharing a few steamy weekends with Brady, Shayk’s seemingly romantic vacation to Italy with Cooper and their daughter Lea, 5, gave Brady the hint that she was playing both sides. He backed off, but so did Cooper because another model caught his eye: Gigi Hadid.

Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk

Oh, what a tangled web Hollywood weaves because fans were shocked to see Shayk outside of Brady’s apartment on Nov. 7. What in the world is going on here? According to a National Enquirer source, via RadarOnline, “Irina tried to play both Tom and Bradley against one another — and she ended up losing both of them!” She’s doing her best to “salvage her romance” with the retired superstar, who might be hesitant to dip his toes back into her dating pool because it seems quite complicated and a little bit messy.

With Cooper firmly entangled with Hadid at the moment, it should clear the way for Brady to feel confident about his position in Shayk’s life. However, he’s just off a 13-year marriage to Gisele Bündchen, and maybe having a relationship isn’t his top priority right now. With all of the moving parts of this now-love square, there are a lot of people to keep our eyes on with their fickle romantic lives.


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