An unprecedented invasion of bats in a hotel room in the Czech Republic surprised a couple


invasion of bats in a hotel room in the Czech Republic


invasion of bats in a hotel room in the Czech Republic: An astonishing incident recently occurred at a 3-star hotel in the town of Plzen, located in the western Czech Republic. A couple woke up one morning after staying in room 212 of the hotel to find over 250 bats inside the room, including 11 dead bats. This event has garnered widespread attention from local rescue personnel and the media.

According to reports from the British Daily Mail, Czech media outlet Plzeňský deník, and Blesk. CZ, the couple did not adhere to the hotel’s regulations. They left the window of the room open before going to bed, which allowed a large number of bats to enter the room. The bats found their resting spots on the ceiling, walls, and curtains of the room, with some bats even huddled together to sleep. This was an unusually peculiar sight.

Local rescue personnel and hotel staff worked together, using nets, to attempt to capture the bats. Eventually, they successfully captured 256 bats inside the room and discovered 11 dead bat bodies. This incident also set a record for the highest number of bats captured in the Plzen region.

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photo: qap.cz

The main cause of this bat invasion incident was the couple leaving the window of the room open and slightly ajar the previous night, a violation of the hotel’s regulations. In fact, the hotel warned guests in brochures, using three languages, not to leave windows open to prevent bat “invasions.”

Karel Makoň, a spokesperson for the local animal rescue center, condemned the irresponsible behavior of the couple and expressed frustration and anger over the incident despite clear warnings being provided. Additionally, a female hotel employee was also accused of not closing the main entrance properly, leading to approximately 50 bats entering the hotel.

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photo: qap.cz

Plzen is located along the migration path of bats, and the Czech government has been warning local residents for years about the possibility of “bat invasions” occurring in August and September. During August and September of 2022, a total of 1306 bats were captured in apartments and hotel rooms by private conservation organizations.


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