Inner Character Personality Test: What’s your main personality trait? Discover it!

Inner Character Personality Test: Personality tests have become very popular on social media as they allow you to discover traits of your personality in a short amount of time. That’s why Líbero newspaper brings you a new viral test that shook the virtual community with its effectiveness.

Inner Character Personality Test

If you’ve decided to find out the results of this mental exercise, then first close your eyes and remember what’s the first thing you see, then try to guess why you perceive it that way. Remember not to change your option or your answer won’t be accurate.

Inner Character Personality Test
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Inner Character Personality Test Results:

it’s time to see the results of this personality test, so stay tuned to Galgoli magazine.

Trees, sky (nature)

Your traits are openness, calmness, and perseverance. You’re loyal, honest, and peaceful. You have empathy, tolerance, and generosity. You easily succumb to the pressure of others, especially those close to you. You don’t want to engage in conflict and argue with others, you prefer a quieter life. You think that anger doesn’t help to solve problems, you can talk calmly about everything and agree on everything.

This doesn’t mean that you’re never angry and don’t know how to be irritable. But you don’t want to worry about something that will literally stop being important after a while. You’re patient and value spiritual life a lot, appreciating the relationships you have, such as family, friendship, or love.


Your trait is sophistication. You’re sensitive and delicate. Your inner world is very rich. You like to think carefully and consider the smallest things, and this sometimes complicates your life more than necessary. You can’t keep secrets in your heart. You radiate a very natural charm, but you always feel a touch of sadness. Sometimes you prefer to be alone, so you easily reject a noisy party in favor of reading a book or walking alone.


Your main trait is empathy. You almost always know how to behave. You can put yourself in the other person’s shoes to understand and see the problem. You know how to listen to a person. Very often, people turn to you when they want to talk. You will genuinely listen, empathize with what they’re going through, and actively express your concerns.

It can be said that your observation skills are very meticulous, so you can notice small changes in the behavior and mood of others. People like to be around you, no matter where you are: at work, with friends or family, in a circle of strangers. You’re very suitable to be the truest friend.

Black swan

Your traits: mystery and tenderness. You’re a very individual person, you’re different from the people around you, and there’s something mysterious about you. When communicating with unknown people, you may seem cold and a little arrogant to them. You don’t like to be frank with those you know little about. Their trust must be earned. But you’re very gentle and kind to your family and friends.

You’re a person whose face reflects what you feel. You’re very categorical in feelings, whether it’s love or hate. Your attitude towards each person is not ambiguous, you immediately clarify how you relate to such or such a person. When you treat someone well, you’ll be kinder and more patient than anyone, even if a conflict arises, you’ll solve it smoothly. But on the other hand, you won’t waste your kindness if you’re cold to a person you don’t like. You won’t pretend. In general, whether you’re cold or gentle depends on who you’re communicating with.


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