Ingenious Road Markings in French Town Successfully Slow Down Speeding Motorist


Ingenious Road Markings in French Town


Ingenious Road Markings in French Town: A small town in western France has gained popularity for its unique approach to slowing down motorists at a busy intersection. Bauné, located near Angers, has a population of approximately 1,700 people but faces heavy traffic due to its position at the crossroads of two departmental roads, D74 and D82.

Despite clear speed limit signs of 30 km/h, some of the approximately 2,300 vehicles passing through Bauné each day exceed speeds of 100 km/h (60 mph).
To address this issue, local authorities came up with the idea of using confusing road markings – overlapping continuous lines. Surprisingly, this strategy proved effective.

Ingenious Road Markings in French Town
 The council has also installed ‘hatched markings’ – painted lines that deter drivers from cutting corners, flexible posts, and pedestrian warning signs   .image source: Supplied

Images of the perplexing road markings at Bauné’s busy intersection circulated widely on French social media last month, leaving many people puzzled.

Some pointed out the contradiction that a continuous white line is typically impassable, so overlapping them across the entire square seems nonsensical. Others questioned why the local authorities didn’t opt for more conventional methods, such as a roundabout or traffic lights, to reduce vehicle speed.

Ingenious Road Markings in French Town-2
The zigzag lines are a temporary measure to highlight the …pedestrian side islands and crossing points. image
sorce: Supplied

Grégoire Jauneault, deputy mayor of Loire-Authion and responsible for local development, confirmed that the deliberately confusing road markings immediately resulted in a significant decrease in motorists’ speeds.

However, some members of the local community believe that this outcome is only temporary and that once drivers understand the intention behind the markings, they will return to their usual spending habits.

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