Indian Airlines Tricking Low-cost Passengers to Avoid carrying small numbers of passengers


Indian Airlines Tricking Low-cost Passengers to Avoid


Indian Airlines Tricking Low-cost Passengers to Avoid: Indian low-cost airline IndiGo has recently caused controversy over an incident involving alleged deception of passengers. The incident occurred on a flight from Amli, Punjab, to Chennai via Bangalore. After the plane arrived in Bangalore at 9:30 pm local time on the 19th, most passengers had already disembarked. , with only 6 passengers left. In this case, the airline crew decided not to continue the flight and led the passengers off the plane with a lie.

According to the Times of India, the crew told the passengers that another flight was ready and asked them to get off the plane. However, when the passengers got off the plane, they discovered that the so-called other flight did not exist at all.

Since there were no other flights to Chennai that night and the airline refused to provide hotel accommodation near the airport, two passengers were forced to pay for their accommodation, while the other four could only spend the night in the airport lounge.

Airlines: Delayed flights and missed connecting flights
IndiGo Airlines responded to the incident, claiming that the affected passengers had to transfer but missed the connecting flight due to flight delays, and stated that overnight accommodation arrangements had been provided.

However, passengers were not satisfied with this explanation and said they would complain to express their dissatisfaction strongly with the inconvenience caused by the incident.


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