A new study suggests that India is beginning to split into two parts

India is beginning to split into two parts: India is changing dramatically beneath the Earth’s surface, as a new study suggests that the Indian continental plate may be splitting in two.

While you might imagine a tectonic plate breaking in two and pulling apart on one side, scientists claim that this shift is happening horizontally, with the plate splitting into separate layers.

There is much debate in the scientific community about what could be behind the formation of the Tibetan Plateau.

A new theory, presented at the American Geophysical Union conference in December, claims that the Indian plate is “subducting” – meaning that more than two parts of the plate explain the extraordinary height above Tibet, while the lower part is reduced. to the earth’s mantle.

India is beginning to split into two parts
India is starting to split in two, new study discovers
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Stanford University’s Simon Klemperer and his colleagues made their arguments in this study after studying helium levels in Tibetan springs.

Based on their research in this study, which has not yet been peer-reviewed and is available in the ESS Open Archive, a pattern was discovered that suggests the mantle is close enough to the Earth’s surface for rare helium-3 to emerge via fountains. In northern Tibet

However, in southern Tibet, more abundant helium-4 is evident, indicating that the plate has not yet split there.

Professor Douwe van Hinsbergen from Utrecht University spoke to Science magazine about this concept. “We didn’t know that continents could behave this way because the science of the solid Earth is so fundamental,” said van Hinsbergen, who is not an author of the study.

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