A woman who used to charge her family for Christmas dinner has raised her prices

Increase in the price of Christmas dinner: A British woman who takes money from her family for Christmas dinner has raised the price of her meals to fight inflation and the cost of living crisis.

He told BBC radio that Caroline Duddridge had been asking for money for Christmas dinners since her husband died in 2016.

This includes a generous spread on Christmas Eve, through the main event on Christmas Day, and a buffet on Boxing Day.

Doddridge, 63, is asking his three daughters to pay £12 for a seat at the table this year, up from £10 last year.
Even the extra cash may not be enough to cover rising food costs this year, a Cardiff resident said.

Increase in the price of Christmas dinner for the family
Caroline Duddridge, 63, is charging everyone for Christmas dinner — including her young grandkids.
Courtesy of Caroline Duddrige

“I’m not sure it will because when you buy a few pieces it’s £30 or £40 and it’s hardly a bag full,” he said.
“It’s not Christmas stuff either, it’s just general shopping – it’s just terrifying and you wonder where it all ends.”

His two sons will get a tougher deal, at £15 a pop, while his two grandsons are expected to cough up £2.50.
Doddridge has previously said she overcharged her sons because they worked full-time, while her daughters worked part-time while taking care of household duties.

“I put the girls up by £2 [this year] because I got a bit of a backlash from people saying I was sexist – not that I listen to public opinion, particularly.

Increase in the price of Christmas dinner
A tiered fee system means Caroline Duddridge can afford to feed all the family Christmas dinner. Photograph: The Irish Image Collection/Getty Images/Design Pics RF

“I also cook for my parents and take it to them – they realize it’s too much for me now.”
While Doddridge has come under fire from some online, others think it’s reasonable given how expensive Christmas is.

One wrote: “There were the usual trolls, but some people thought it was a really good idea – even saying they were going to take it themselves.

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