Image puzzle of careless woman: Which pregnant woman is more ignorant and more stupid?

Image puzzle of careless woman: Which pregnant woman has acted more thoughtlessly than the other? What do you think? Do you consider yourself intelligent? Don’t miss today’s test!

Image Puzzle of Careless Woman In the image puzzle of careless woman, you see two pregnant women indulging in their favorite leisure activities. However, one of them seems to act more foolishly than the other. Which one do you think is less wise than the other?

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Image puzzle of careless woman





Did you find the correct answer? If you haven’t found it yet, give yourself another 5 seconds!




Answer to Image Puzzle of a careless woman

The woman who is riding a motorcycle seems less intelligent because she is doing it without any safety precautions. However, the sport of skydiving does not require any special physical strength, arm force, or physical readiness. Putting on a parachute and jumping out of an airplane requires less power than pressing the door handle in your bedroom. Men and women of all sizes and shapes can easily perform this activity. It may seem strange to you, but even disabled people can do this sport with special precautions.

Safety of Skydiving The first question that comes to mind is “What if my parachute does not open?!” when we do not have enough information about such an activity, we may consider it dangerous and even discourage our surroundings from experiencing such a great experience.

In response to this question and describing the very high security in skydiving, we should talk about the statistics, history, and extensive experience in this sport as well as the advancements in the latest technologies and tools.

The equipment includes a main canopy and a reserve canopy as a second canopy. This means that If for any reason, your main canopy has a problem, you can immediately use the reserve canopy. Of course, the possibility of incorrect functioning in the new parachutes is very rare, and the use of the reserve canopy is very rare. Another important point is that your equipment has an advanced and small computer embedded that will automatically activate and open your parachute if you have not opened it safely at the appropriate height. For example, if you just wear the new equipment, close your eyes, and jump out of the airplane without opening your parachute, that computer will automatically open your parachute at a safe altitude. This means that even if you do not open it intentionally, that computer will open your canopy automatically, and you will safely land on the ground.

answer Image puzzle of careless woman

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