Resurfaced Inappropriate Clips Deeply Humiliate Ashton Kutcher Amid Backlash!

Ashton Kutcher Amid Backlash: Ashton Kutcher posted an apology video with his wife Mila Kunis after backlash over their support letters for convicted rapist Danny Masterson. But old inappropriate clips have resurfaced, humiliating Kutcher.

In the apology, the pair said they never meant to undermine Masterson’s victims. However, critics blasted the video as an “emotionless non-apology.” Disturbing past footage has emerged of Kutcher making sexual jokes about underage costars. He also remains silent on ex-Demi Moore’s accusations of infidelity and pressuring threesomes.

Ashton Kutcher Amid Backlash 1

Ashton Kutcher Amid Backlash

Pre-conviction, Kutcher admitted conflict about longtime friend Masterson – hoping he was innocent but supporting victims. His appeal cited Masterson’s family struggling without him.

Per a source, Kutcher had pure motivations and sympathy for Masterson’s wife and child suffering amidst the bad press. He hopes this all dies down.

For now, Kutcher and Kunis are shutting up after misguidedly pleading for leniency. They believe their intentions were good despite fierce backlash over the Masterson case.

But Kutcher’s past inappropriate behavior resurfaced and remains deeply humiliating for the actor. The Masterson debacle has opened old wounds.


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