A Woman’s Boyfriend Asks Her How Often She Takes Showers and Her Response Causes a Stir.

How often do you shower: “Is she serious?” was the most common response to what the woman said. Many people were shocked and couldn’t believe that someone could neglect their personal hygiene to such an extent. The video on TikTok sparked a lot of discussion and garnered 12 million views.

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Her boyfriend asked her a question-How often do you shower?

The man approached his girlfriend, who had lived abroad, and asked her, “How often do you shower?” He wondered if it depended on the place of residence, as showering habits might vary in different countries.

The woman responded without hesitation. She stated that she only showered once a week. He fell silent for a moment, and the woman gave him a strange look, trying to understand what was wrong.

He repeated his question, “Once a week?” She confirmed and added, “But I also use deodorants and perfumes. Besides, it’s summer, so I also go swimming sometimes.”


Her answer sparked a lot of discussion.

The comment section went wild. Some people said they showered 2 or 3 times a day and couldn’t believe that once a week could be considered sufficient. One user said, “One day without showering, and I’m already in a bad mood.” Someone even joked, “She forgot to mention that rain also counts as showering.”

@latinoeneuropa Y si llueve cuenta como un baño más. 😂 #latinoeneuropa #humor #esteorotipos #ironía #europea ♬ sonido original – Latinoeneuropa

The guy clarified that it was a joke and mentioned that the video shouldn’t be taken seriously. Nevertheless, there are people who shower only once a week. Daily showering is considered “expensive, polluting, and unnecessary.” In any case, it all comes down to our habits, and there are no rules on how often we should shower.

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