Holly Jackson Announces New True Crime Novel ‘The Reappearance of Rachel Price’

Bestselling author Holly Jackson has revealed details of her upcoming novel ‘The Reappearance of Rachel Price’ in an exclusive interview. The new book marks Jackson’s return to the true crime thriller genre that brought her success with ‘A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder’.

‘The Reappearance of Rachel Price’ follows teenager Bel as she tries to uncover the truth about her mother Rachel’s disappearance 16 years ago. Bel witnessed the incident as a child. Now filming a documentary on the cold case, Bel is shocked when her mother suddenly reappears alive.

Jackson says the twisty murder mystery showcases the lasting trauma of the event on Bel. Combining true crime with a shocking twist, the novel promises to deliver Jackson’s signature style – one that has sold over 1 million copies worldwide.

Holly Jackson Announces New True Crime 1

Jackson stepped away from true crime themes in her 2022 standalone ‘Five Survive’. But with ‘The Reappearance of Rachel Price’, the bestselling YA author goes back to her roots. Jackson says the book wrecked her while writing, suggesting it may be her best work yet.

While the story starts out like a true crime documentary, Jackson says the reappearance, not disappearance, drives the suspense and subversion. Fans can expect her trademark twists along with a mystery that will keep them guessing.

‘The Reappearance of Rachel Price’ arrives April 2024. Jackson’s award-nominated novel ‘A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder’ is also being adapted for TV by the BBC.


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