The scary moment when the man finds hidden corridors in their hotel rooms

Hidden corridors in hotel rooms: A TikToker exposed a scary discovery that his partner had found in his hotel room.

The video is reportedly uploaded by Diana Alborz Ramirez in Tiktok. The film shows that Ramirez’s husband is traveling a video in his hotel room.

Initially, everything is what you expect to see in a hotel room: a comfortable bed, a large tub, and a wardrobe and then her husband makes a scary discovery.
When opening the second pair of wardrobe doors, the back of the section is something that seems to be another set of doors. Ramirez’s husband uses his Keycard Hotel to open the doors.

Diana Albers Ramirez/TikTok

He finds a small corridor wrapped around the room, with another door and smaller behind the first set. And it continues to open the door, even if I am sure that many of us were away from the room.
The back of the second set is another secret corridor, but this time it is darker and worse.

This clip has been viral since then, and many have their views on the reason behind the secret corridors.

One user wrote: “It is probably most of the case that the reconstruction architecture is designed in specific dimensions to order the same materials that were multiplied by the X rooms, and the remaining space is essential with some wall access points. ”

Hidden corridors in hotel rooms
Stomach-dropping moment man finds hidden corridors in his hotel roomsTikTok

Another said, “These hotel contractors are only building a bad design and only disappear and use ugly straps and leave access panels for any kind of mechanical/creeping space in the future.”
While they said they were not in the hotel room until Ramirez’s husband was in

One user wrote: “The door behind the door? I’m already in the lobby that I check them all.”
Another read: “The moment I notice a secret door behind a hidden door, I am the ASAP Room.”

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