Heir Hermes declares his former gardener his heir and plans to donate his wealth in his new will


Heir Hermes declares his former gardener his heir


Heir Hermes declares his former gardener his heir: The heir to the Hermès brand has decided to adopt his former gardener and plans to rewrite his will, which is expected to leave him part of a huge fortune of up to 10 billion Swiss francs.

According to the “Geneva Tribune” report, as the grandson of the founder of the French luxury leather goods brand Hermès, 80-year-old Nicolas Puech is the main shareholder of Hermès, holding 5% to 6% of the shares.

According to Bilan magazine, which annually ranks the 300 richest people in Switzerland, Pueich’s fortune is estimated at between 9 billion and 10 billion Swiss francs.

The former gardener is a 51-year-old Moroccan man
Single and childless, he is seeking to adopt his “former gardener and handyman” – a 51-year-old man from an ordinary Moroccan family – to rewrite his will to name him as the beneficiary of his vast fortune.

Pueich, who now lives in the Valais canton of Switzerland, has taken measures to rearrange his property and asked legal professionals to assist with the adoption procedures.

The process of adopting an adult in Switzerland is complex and, although not entirely impossible, has been described as an extraordinary undertaking.

Adoption plans have also been hampered by the fact that Puech signed a succession agreement with the Geneva-based Isocrates Foundation in 2011.

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