hanging at a height of 140 meters afraid to move, the tragic collapse of a bridge at a construction site in Sao Paulo, one worker was killed.

hanging at a height of 140 meters afraid to move


hanging at a height of 140 meters afraid to move: A rare accident occurred on Tuesday (October 17th) at a construction site in São Paulo, Brazil, when the structure connecting two 33-story high-rise buildings suddenly collapsed, resulting in a critically injured worker who did not survive.

Video footage circulating online shows eight workers clinging tightly to lifelines, hanging at a height of 140 meters, afraid to move. The scene is extremely perilous and sends shivers down one’s spine.


Rescue units were able to successfully save the eight individuals, with one worker, unfortunately, sustaining injuries. It is not yet clear whether the deceased worker died from falling or from being struck by the collapsing building.

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