Grandma’s computer training image difference test, if you have sharp eyes, find 3 image differences within 7 seconds.

Grandma’s computer training image difference test: Only an agile and prepared mind will overcome the challenge! less than 7 seconds, you will have to find the differences that exist in the image of the grandmother and her granddaughter.

If you are ready to face any obstacle, we can tell you that you have come to the right place. Today, we have a visual challenge for you that has caused a sensation on social media.

So, test your abilities and show what you are capable of to every one. Good luck! At first glance, this viral challenge will transmit tenderness to you and you may even believe that it will be easy to solve on the first try.

However, we can tell you that it is quite the opposite because only an average of 2% of the participants came out victorious. Do you accept?

Grandma’s computer training image difference test


How many differences are there in the image?
Today, we show you some images starring a Grandma’s computer training and her granddaughter that appear to be identical.

However, there are some differences that go unnoticed by anyone. For this reason, your mission will be to discover how many there are. However, you will have to race against the clock as you are forbidden to exceed 7 seconds in the mental exercise.

So that you don’t consider us bad, we give you the possibility to call a family member or friend to solve it together. Discover the solution to the visual challenge. Were you close to achieving it and ran out of time? Don’t worry, we knew it would be difficult due to its high level.

Grandma's computer training image difference test-1
image source: Fresherlive












At Galgoli, we highlight and applaud your great effort to reach the end. Meanwhile, we share with you the solutions that we marked in blue circles.

Answered Grandma’s computer training image difference test


The disparities in the illustration were:
the laptop was a large size, the curve of the young girl’s hair had a different shape, and the line above the grandmother was tiny. Will you be able to locate the 3 differences? Join in this online exercise that only an expert mind can conquer in just 7 seconds.

Grandma's computer training image difference test-2
image source: Fresherlive


How do you solve a visual challenge?
If you want to solve a visual challenge, you must use your imagination and deductive skills, as the solution is related to the statement itself, and therefore, asking for help from others is not allowed.

What is the origin of visual challenges?
Visual challenges have existed on the internet for a long time, but they became very popular during the quarantine, as people had free time and did not hesitate to solve

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