Gold coins found in pillowcases and socks sell for £118,000 at auction

Gold coins found in pillowcases and sock: Hundreds of coins discovered in a pillowcase and a sock during a routine house clearance have sold for more than £100,000.

Hanson Auctioneers were clearing out a house in Leicestershire when they found 331 gold coins while searching a linen chest.

These coins ranged from the 1800s to the 21st century, including monarchs such as Queen Victoria, King George V, and Queen Elizabeth II.
The set went under the hammer at Hertfordshire auction house Hanson Ross on January 17, with each coin valued at between £300 and £500.

The coins sold for a total of £90,768, bringing the buyer’s premium to a total of £118,000.

Gold coins found in pillowcases and sock
The coins were valued at between £300 to £500 each (Hanson Ross)

Charles Hanson, owner of Hansons, said: “This was an amazing find after a client commissioned us to clear a house.

Our team is known for being thorough. They check every inch of the house. This is not only displayed in the case of delicate or fragile objects but also hidden items that are often the most valuable.

These are found in drawers, closets, dressers, bags, and in this case, even an old sock. People have many hiding places. Sometimes it’s a case of stealth. In this case, the workers were checking the attic and the linen in the bedroom chest when the coins were discovered.

RomanCoins-Gold coins found in pillowcases and sock

You can imagine their surprise. They first saw the golden glow of a gold coin, and then fists appeared. Some were hidden in a pillowcase and many others were hidden in a sock. Our client was equally stunned and delighted. They didn’t know that the house had a treasure of gold.”
Mr Henson said the coins were “in high demand” and prompted a “white glove sale” where every piece sold.

He added: “It was like walking through 300 years of history. This collection depicted the passage of time due to the presence of different kings represented by rulers.

They also reminded us of the duration of their reign. “Due to the long reigns on the throne, the profile of Victorian and Elizabethan coins changes over the decades.”

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