Taiwanese Ramen Trend Takes a Bizarre Turn with ‘Godzilla Ramen’ Featuring a Crocodile Leg

Godzilla Ramen’ Featuring a Crocodile Leg


Godzilla Ramen’ Featuring a Crocodile Leg: A ramen restaurant in Yunlin, Taiwan, recently introduced a new addition to its menu called Godzilla Ramen. This unique dish consists of a bowl of ramen soup with a braised crocodile leg protruding from it.

In recent weeks, Taiwanese ramen has been becoming increasingly bizarre and unconventional. It all began with the inclusion of a giant isopod as the main ingredient in isopod ramen, which we featured last month. Then came ‘Frog Frog Frog Ramen’ by Yuan Ramen, featuring a whole unpeeled frog.

The latest addition to this trend is a peculiar ramen dish from the Yunlin area, appropriately named ‘Godzilla Ramen,’ which showcases a braised crocodile leg sticking out of the bowl. Although the soup itself reportedly contains 40 different spices, the most eye-catching aspect is undoubtedly the crocodile leg.

Having acquired knowledge of crocodile soup preparation during a trip to Thailand, the owner of Witch Cat Ramen restaurant devised the recipe for Godzilla Ramen and began promoting it online, yielding remarkable results.

Images of ramen bowls adorned with crocodile legs became viral sensations on Taiwanese social media platforms and even reached an international audience.


The crocodile legs used in Godzilla Ramen are said to be sourced from a crocodile farm in Taitung. However, due to limited availability, with the farm only able to supply enough for a few bowls per day, customers must place advance orders to secure their servings. A bowl of Godzilla Ramen is priced at NT$1,500 ($48). Additionally, the restaurant imposes an NT$100 ‘food waste fee’ for individuals who order the dish solely for photo purposes, without intending to consume it.

Although Godzilla Ramen has garnered significant attention online, the feedback has generally been negative, with many individuals condemning Witch Cat for engaging in shameless marketing. One person commented, “This is just horrific! Who would dare to eat this?! Just looking at this is terrifying!”

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