From Dharavi Slums to Hollywood: The Inspiring Journey of Malisha Kharwa


From Dharavi Slums to Hollywood


From Dharavi Slums to Hollywood: A 15-year-old girl from the slums of Dharavi has achieved success in Hollywood, becoming an inspiration to millions of girls. Growing up in poverty, her family struggled to even have enough food to eat. Despite these challenges, she dreamed of being a part of the fashion show world from a young age.

Dharavi, located in Mumbai, is Asia’s largest slum with a population of 1.5 million. Mumbai is a city that attracts hardworking individuals who come with many dreams. Dharavi has been featured in numerous films, documentaries, surveys, and research.
Malisha Kharwa, a 15-year-old resident of Dharavi, serves as an example of how far someone can go with a stroke of luck. Unlike many Indian actors and actresses, Malisha entered Hollywood. She was inspired by a fashion show performance by actress and former Miss World Priyanka Chopra when she was just five years old. Despite the reality of poverty and the struggle to have two meals a day, Malisha had big dreams. She and her family lived in a small house by the road.

Today, she has become a social media influencer with 25,000 followers on Instagram. Her talent in acting and modeling has led her to become a content creator on Instagram. She is dedicated to her creative work on social media. Not only has she become the face of a prestigious beauty brand, but she has also landed roles in two Hollywood films.

This slum princess has achieved a unique position and serves as an inspiration to millions of girls. Despite being born into poverty, she never lost faith in herself, and that is how she attained her current position.
Malisha Kharwa caught the attention of Hollywood actor-director Robert Hoffman in 2020. Robert even created a GoFundMe page for Malisha. Since then, she has slowly gained fame through her Instagram account. Robert Hoffman visited India in February 2020 to shoot a music video and was planning to embark on a dance tour in Western Europe.

It was during this time that India implemented a lockdown to combat the spread of the coronavirus. Robert was in search of a girl living in a slum area for his video, and he was informed by a friend that he had seen a beautiful young girl living in a slum. This girl turned out to be Malisha. Despite living in a slum, her beauty was undeniable. Robert recognized her natural talent.


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