Free scallops for students Hokkaido City offers free scallops for school lunches amid China’s seafood import ban


Free scallops for students Hokkaido City


Free scallops for students Hokkaido City: Amidst China’s ban on Japanese seafood imports, the town of Mori in Hokkaido has made a remarkable decision. The town, known for its significant export of scallops to China, has announced that it will provide approximately 100,000 portions of frozen scallops free of charge to schools across Japan for their nutritious school lunches.

Since the discharge of treated nuclear wastewater from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant into the Pacific Ocean starting on August 24th, it has attracted international attention. The Chinese government has also announced a comprehensive ban on Japanese seafood imports, dealing a heavy blow to the export industries of several prefectures and cities.

In response to this situation, the town of Mori in Hokkaido has taken a measure to purchase a large quantity of frozen scallops that cannot be exported. They plan to provide them to schools at no cost, ensuring nutritious lunches for students.

Free scallops for students Hokkaido City
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It is reported that as long as other prefectures and cities express their need, these frozen scallops will be sent to junior high and elementary schools as ingredients for their school lunches, totaling approximately 100,000 portions.

Mori has decided to utilize the reputation damage compensation fund provided by the Japanese government (with an upper limit of 100 million yen) to realize this uplifting initiative. It is expected that the town council of Mori will approve the budget proposal next month to ensure the continued provision of scallops to schools this year, contributing to the nutritional well-being of children’s lunches.


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