At 72 years old, former Bond Girl Jane Seymour continues to radiate beauty and flawlessness.

At 72 years old, former Bond Girl Jane Seymour continues to radiate beauty and flawlessness. Notably, she is also sharing her beauty secrets with the world. The star of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman has shared her beauty tips for aging gracefully, which we are delighted to pass on.

Looking at Seymour, one would never guess her actual age. Her face and body appear ageless, but it takes effort to maintain such beauty. We delved into Seymour’s beauty regime to uncover her secrets to aging gracefully.

former Bond Girl Jane Seymour believes that true beauty comes from within.

Jane Seymour body moving
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After having a near-death experience, she began to focus on personal growth and positivity, recognizing that the mind, body, and soul are interconnected. She learned this philosophy from her mother, who taught her to take care of herself and help others.

Seymour’s mother couldn’t afford expensive skincare, so she focused on self-care. Her mother’s philosophy was that everyone has a challenge, and when faced with one, they need to open their hearts and help others. By doing so, they would help themselves.

She avoids fad diets.

Jane Seymour avoids fad diets
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Despite being a self-proclaimed foodie, Seymour prioritizes good nutrition and avoids fad diets. She enjoys growing her own fruits and vegetables and indulging in flavorful food. Seymour also recognizes the importance of keeping her body moving, engaging in Pilates, light weights, yoga, and careful sit-ups.

Protecting her skin is a top priority for Seymour, who stresses the importance of using sun protection and retinol at night. She wishes she had been more cautious around the sun in her younger years.

She’s protecting her skin at all costs.

former Bond Girl Jane Seymour's Secret to fighting crepey skin
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When asked about cosmetic procedures, Seymour has not had a facelift but is open to the idea if it can be done without changing her appearance. Despite this, she continues to age naturally, and her fans continue to be amazed by her ageless beauty.

Seymour’s Instagram account is filled with comments from fans in awe of her beauty. Recently, her appearance on the red carpet further boosted her popularity. It’s clear that Seymour’s beauty tips are working, and we can all learn from her philosophy of self-care, positivity, and balance.

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