Teenager faces charges after sticking fish to ATMs

Fish ATM Pranks: A teenage boy is facing charges after he reportedly taped fish to ATMs across Provo, Utah, as well as a police car.

Salt Lake City Fox affiliate KSTU reports that the Provo Police Department alleges the unidentified 17-year-old was responsible for approximately 12 fish seizures between August and October.

Pictures of the fish capture events were shared on social media, and one Instagram account titled “fish_bandit84” posted pictures with the bio “Live, laugh, tape fish at ATMs.”
The account also assured followers that “no fish were harmed in the process”.

Fish ATM Pranks
Provo Police Department

Salt Lake City ABC affiliate KTVX also reported that one of the images shows three fish clinging to a police car.
The teenager was charged in December with two controversial counts of causing property damage, though authorities told KSTU they believe the behavior was likely done for fun.

This is the latest case of fish activity on the police radar in the US in 2024 after an American man crashed his car outside a fishing shop before stripping and cannonballing into a giant aquarium inside the store. arrested.

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