Find the 3 differences in record time7 seconde!

Find the 3 differences in record time: only a GENIUS gets the victory.
If you want to achieve victory in the shortest possible time, you must be fully concentrated. Will you be able to get the victory? Find out!
Are you looking for a mental exercise that will test your mental abilities? If so, Galgoli invites you to solve this new visual challenge that has caused a sensation on social media.
Most users have indicated that they found it very entertaining, but it presents a level of difficulty that few have been able to overcome. Are you up for the challenge? It’s time to try it!

Will you find the 3 differences?

This time, we present you with an image where you can see two graphs that appear to be the same, but you will have to look very closely because there are 3 differences.

find the 3 differences-1

It is important to note that only 3% managed to find what was indicated in just 7 seconds. Therefore, we ask you to concentrate as much as possible so that you can achieve victory in the game. Are you ready? The countdown begins!
Here are the differences!
Were you able to find the 3 differences? Then, you have great visual ability to detect differences in the shortest possible time. If you didn’t find them, don’t worry, in the following lines, we will reveal the solution.






Find the 3 differences in record time7 second answer


find the 3 differences-2.jpg

If you’re interested in more visual challenges, visit Galgoli.

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