“Fatal dog attack claims owner’s life” a woman met a tragic end at the jaws of her own dogs while entering her own home.

Fatal dog attack claims owner’s life: María Beatriz Coronel, a 47-year-old mother of two residing in Las Lomitas, northern Argentina, was discovered in her front yard on Saturday evening, with severe injuries to her arms and neck, as reported by the local newspaper La Mañana.

Cristóbal Torres, the chief general commissioner of Regional Unit No. 5 of Las Lomitas, recounted the unfortunate incident. “A neighboring resident, awakened by the commotion and the sound of barking, approached the wall and witnessed the harrowing scene. Despite his efforts, it was already too late,” he expressed.

dog bites-Fatal dog attack claims owner's life

Fatal dog attack claims owner’s life

The dogs responsible for the attack were reportedly the woman’s own pets, three mixed-breed canines. It is believed that as she crossed the front yard, the dogs descended upon her, leaving her with fatal wounds. Emergency services rushed to her aid, but she had already succumbed, possibly due to cardiorespiratory arrest.

Veterinarian Celestina Galban examined the dogs and confirmed their involvement in the attack after discovering bloodstains on their bodies. However, it is crucial to note that attributing aggression solely to a specific breed is an oversimplification, as Lynda Taylor, a university lecturer specializing in applied canine behavior, explains.

“In the U.K., breed-specific legislation has significant flaws. Labeling an entire breed as dangerous overlooks the complexities of canine behavior and relies heavily on the ‘nature’ aspect of the nature versus nurture debate,” Taylor emphasized.

Fatal dog attack claims owner's life
Three angry dogs stand in a street as one bares its fangs.

Taylor further elaborated, “Regrettably, the consequences of an attack by a large dog, such as an XL bully breed, can be devastating compared to an attack of similar intent by a smaller dog. As a result, those who choose to have such breeds in their lives bear the responsibility for ensuring the safety of their dogs and the general public.”

Currently, the dogs involved in the Las Lomitas incident are under custody until the judicial process determines their fate. Torres remarked, “As time passed, they appeared to calm down, but the question remains: What triggered such behavior, leading them to attack their own owner?”

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