Farewell to the Nose In Britain, a woman performs a strange funeral


Farewell to the Nose In Britain, a woman performs a strange funeral


Farewell to the nose In Britain: A woman has decided to say goodbye to her old nose in an unusual way before undergoing rhinoplasty.

Instead of secretly going for plastic surgery as many do, Sophie and her natural nose held one final celebration.

Although no one was being buried, the gathering had the usual characteristics of a British funeral service.

Attendees all wore black, there was plenty of alcohol to drown the sorrows, and of course – a game called “Pin the Nose on the Sophie.” Oh yes, and a cake.

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Photo: TikTok/@amychimes


Every good funeral has an icing sponge cake, right?

Friend Amy documented the tearful farewell to Sophie’s nose on TikTok, and the video has now racked up an impressive 6.6 million views, which isn’t a bad record for a nose, the Daily Star reports.

In the clip of them holding the “funeral” in a pub, Amy explained: “My friend is getting a nose job so we held a funeral for her old nose.

We dressed in black and traveled to Hackney to pay our respects.” The friends even printed out an enlarged photo of Sophie’s nose and made a mask.

While a friend wore the “mask,” Amy continued, “We marveled at the sheer size of Sophie’s nose. We laughed. We cried. We gave speeches. We said goodbye to the nose with wishes and prayers. Good luck in Turkey, babe.

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