‘Let the Girl Live Her Life’: Fans Rush to the Defense of Malia Obama After She Gets Ripped for Smoking

Fans Rush to the Defense of Malia Obama: Malia and Sasha Obama left the White House more than six years ago, but much of the public remains deeply invested in keeping up with the young adults.

America watched the daughters of former President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama grow up during their eight years in the executive mansion in Washington, D.C.

When the Illinois senator was sworn into office, Malia and Sasha were 10 and 7, respectively. The girls went from being pint-sized elementary students to stylish teenagers who never seemed to be caught in any mishaps.

Fans Rush to the Defense of Malia Obama 2

Fans Rush to the Defense of Malia Obama

To that point, photographs of the sisters, snapped by lurking paparazzi, doing mundane activities like grocery shopping or partying with friends, and simply being out and about have, at times, sparked online discourse about the ways in which they are leading their lives.

Malia, 25, and Sasha, 22, have recently been on the receiving end of criticism for their shared appreciation of a tug on a cigarette.

On more than one occasion, the young adults have been spotted smoking. During Labor Day weekend, the University of Southern California graduate Sasha was spotted leaving a party as she smoked with two friends.

Big sister Malia was most recently caught in Los Angeles on Oct. 4 smoking. According to Page Six, the Harvard alum was also caught smoking marijuana when she attended the 2016 Lollapalooza festival in her hometown of Chicago.

On Twitter, one person remarked, “IRONY: After sporting ‘Smoking Kills’ T-shirt, Malia Obama puffs cig outside LA store.”

Fans Rush to the Defense of Malia Obama 1

“Whether it’s Malia Obama smoking a cigarette or Eric Trump defrauding charities, ex-presidential children on both sides have brought disrepute to their families,” wrote someone else.

Other users issued comments in defense of the sisters. “There is no reason for them to be taking these photos and putting her in the news. She’s minding her own business, breaking no laws we are 2 presidents after her father now. Let the girl live her life!” read one.

“They harass these girls like they did the Bush twins. Let them be, d–n!” exclaimed another person. On X, someone else wrote, “U gotta be one bored a— paparazzi to take a pic of Maila & Sasha Obama minding their business. Imagine taking a pic, then saying “GOT IT” another pic of the Obama girls smoking.”

During his campaign for presidency and during his first term as commander-in-chief, Barack was open about his struggles to kick his own habit of cigarette smoking. He spoke out about the use of nicotine gum helping him to subdue his urge. He would later admit to sneaking to secluded areas of the White House for a smoke break to cope with the presidential stresses.

However, he reportedly gave up the habit for good in 2011.


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