Facial disfigurement and infection of a man in China: nose removal and constipation causing potentially severe infection


nose removal and constipation causing potentially severe infection


nose removal and constipation causing potentially severe infection: Man’s Severe Facial Deformation and Infection Linked to Nose Picking and Constipation

A 33-year-old man from Beijing, China, developed a severe facial deformation and was diagnosed with erysipelas infection after a prolonged habit of nose picking and suffering from constipation.

According to reports from China, the individual initially experienced swelling in the nose and enlarged lymph nodes. A visit to a community clinic resulted in a misdiagnosis of tonsillitis. However, the following day, his entire face swelled to the point where he couldn’t open his eyes and experienced noticeable pain, prompting him to seek immediate medical attention.

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Subsequent medical examinations led to a diagnosis of erysipelas infection, with doctors suggesting that it was likely caused by damage to the nasal mucosa from prolonged nose picking, chronic constipation, and the inability to eliminate toxins due to excessive pressure.

The man stated that he has been undergoing a combination of traditional Chinese and Western medical treatments, following medical advice. After seven days, the swelling has significantly reduced, and he has made substantial progress in his recovery. However, there are still some red marks on his face that require phototherapy.

Erysipelas, commonly known as “St. Anthony’s fire,” is an infection that affects the superficial lymphatic vessels of the skin. The primary causative agent is Group A beta-hemolytic streptococcus.
It can be triggered by wounds from surgery, cracks in the nose, external auditory canal, lower earlobe, anus, penis, and toe webs. Any inflammation of the skin, particularly with cracks or ulcers, provides an entry point for the pathogen.
Minor abrasions, scratches, non-head injuries, unclean umbilical cord ligation, immunization, and chronic leg ulcers can also lead to this condition. The pathogen can reside in the lymphatic vessels, causing recurrent infections.

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