Extreme Cleaner spent 3 days cleaning, a refrigerator and kitchen full of rotten food that was 4 years old.


Extreme Cleaner spent 3 days cleaning


Extreme cleaner spent 3 days cleaning: An extreme cleaner spent three days scrubbing a house, including the “worst fridge” she’d ever seen, to help a mom and her 13-year-old daughter.

Auri Kananen, 30, said the fridge was stuffed with rotten food from four years ago, and the kitchen was infested with cockroaches and spiders.

The house in Miami, Florida, belonged to a 42-year-old mom who slept on a single sofa with her daughter because the other rooms were so filled with rubbish that they were unusable.

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Ms. Kananen collected over 200 large bags of trash while cleaning the home’s five rooms. Armed with a scraper, a toilet brush, and oven cleaner, over three days, she managed to rid the house of grime—transforming the family home.

Ms. Kananen, from Tampere, Finland, travels the world tackling dirty homes for free and regularly shares on social media about her cleaning projects. The Miami house video, which she posted on Instagram on Jan. 6, has already garnered over 1.5 million views.

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She said: “There was so much rotten food in there infested with cockroaches and spiders. The fridge was something out of this world, I have never seen something so dirtylicious.

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