Chinese Gen Zers Embrace Fake Belly Button Tattoos: Divided Opinions on Beauty Standard

Chinese Gen Zers Embrace Fake Belly Button Tattoos


Embrace Fake Belly Button Tattoos: Chinese Gen Zers have embraced a peculiar trend of wearing temporary tattoos of fake belly buttons to create the illusion of longer legs.
Young women in China are using these temporary tattoos, applied a few centimeters above the navel, to alter their body proportions. While some creators defend it as a lighthearted trend, others worry about the message it sends to young women and the promotion of unrealistic beauty standards.

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The trend has sparked divided opinions among Chinese netizens, with some enthusiastically participating and others criticizing it.
Videos and screenshots shared on social media platforms showcase individuals engaging in this trend, using temporary tattoos, makeup, stickers, and even band-aids to create the appearance of a different belly button.

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One creator, ShiYiTongYa, a 22-year-old college student, shared her experience with the trend, stating that she prefers the look of the fake belly button to her own.
She paid 2.8 Chinese yuan ($0.38) for a sheet of 16 temporary tattoos. Another creator, LiangBuZhengYy, who has over 927,000 followers, suggested using a bandaid on the real belly button if one is worried about having two belly buttons.
She also recommended using the tattoos to give the illusion of wearing a crop top or to prevent the lower abdomen from getting cold.


Chinese moms believe that chills can get into your body through an exposed belly button causing diarrhea even harming your uterus😭 A lot of these beauty gadgets are supposedly from S.Korea and Japan so please don’t be sinophobic about this‼️ #china #chinese #chinesegirl #beautystandard #beautyhacks #beautytips #nose #bellybuton #croptop #faceshape #greenscreen #greenscreenvideo

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This trend is part of a series of unusual beauty-enhancing tools gaining popularity among Chinese Gen Zers, including gel shoulder pads and padded underwear.

Criticism has been raised regarding the perpetuation of unrealistic beauty standards.


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