Elevators that only go up 50 cm, these Polish elevators only go up 40 or 50 cm per floor.


Elevators that only go up 50 cm, these Polish elevators only go up 40 or 50 cm per floor.


Elevators that only go up 50 cm: An elevator in Poland has recently caused heated discussions on the Internet. The footage posted online shows that people take the elevator from the second underground floor to the first underground floor. The distance is only 40 to 50 centimeters. Many netizens question it as “unnecessary”.

According to the video, after people entered the elevator on the second underground floor, they first pressed the button on the first underground floor. Immediately afterward, the elevator slowly rose, and after reaching a height of about 40 or 50 centimeters, the elevator door opened. This step looks like it only takes one big step to cross, but it has an extra elevator. The magical design has aroused discussion among netizens.


Many netizens said that the design of the elevator is unnecessary, leaving comments: “A slope can solve the problem”, “It would be faster if you just give me a slope”, and “At this moment I feel like my brain is useless”, “This is There are barrier-free facilities, but it’s cheaper to build a slope.”

However, some netizens said this is a barrier-free elevator, a design common in many countries. “I have also seen this barrier-free facility in Japan because it can be used as a slope. If you use a slope, the inclination angle will be too steep, so use “Elevator”, “If it is a wheelchair user, it is much more convenient to take fewer twists and turns.”

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