A sharp drop in the price of the XL Bully dog because of the Prime Minister’s words

drop in the price of the XL Bully: Amidst Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s recent announcement to ban the American Bully XL breed by the end of this year, these dogs are now being advertised for sale online at lower prices.

The decision to impose the ban came after several dangerous attacks involving dogs of this breed occurred across the country.

The ban makes it illegal to own, breed, or sell American XL Bullies. However, owners have expressed their opposition to the ban, and an online petition asserting that owners are not responsible for the breed has garnered 590,733 signatures.

Previously, XL Bullies were advertised for prices ranging from £5,000 to £20,000. However, owners are now offering their dogs and puppies for sale at a discounted price of just £250.

Online ads and a drop in the price of the XL Bully
A number of websites are selling XL Bully dogs even with recent high profile attacks by the species (Image: Pets4Homes)

Online ads and a drop in the price of the XL Bully

On Pets4Homes, one advertisement in Redhill featured four male and seven female XL Bully puppies for sale at £250. The owner acknowledged that owning the breed would be “more challenging” during the ban.

The advertisement stated, “Although the sad news is that the Bully XL has been banned, they are not currently considered illegal dogs, and the XL community hopes to change the government’s decision through stricter laws.”

Needless to say, owning an XL Bully is now more challenging but not impossible. These dogs are wonderful family pets cared for by responsible owners who dedicate time to them.

Another advertisement on Pets4Homes in Eastbourne offered an American XL Bully for sale, also priced at £250. The ad highlighted that the pup is well-socialized with children and adults of all ages.

XL Bullys have been linked to several deaths.
Credit: Wikimedia Commons images/Dlexus

While some owners are looking to sell their dogs overseas, this breed is not banned in other countries.

An anonymous owner expressed to the Daily Star, “There’s no point in asking for exorbitant amounts of money and having people purchase them only to find themselves in this situation [owning a banned dog]. It’s not fair.”

“If someone came and said, ‘I want to give a dog a good home, but I don’t have the money,’ I would be completely fine with that.”

“As long as the dog is taken care of and safe. Many of them will be sent abroad because I know they will be safe.”

Meanwhile, it was reported last month that dog centers are being inundated with unwanted XL Bullies.

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