Will the person who scares the city residents by dressing up as a clown at night be arrested?

dressing up as a clown at night: Police authorities are actively pursuing a man who has been dressing up as a terrifying clown resembling Pennywise and causing distress to the residents of a Scottish city.

The individual releases red balloons throughout Skelmoreley in North Ayrshire while sharing videos on a Facebook account allegedly operated by the Scottish clown.

In one of the clips, the individual addresses the media, stating, “Well, well, well, I’m making the news once again. Should I flash my ‘secret’ grin for the cameras?”

They further taunt, “The police have been notified. Do you think I care? They have to catch me first anyway—and yes, that’s a challenge. They labeled me as the ‘killer clown.’ Why don’t you provide me with some jokes? The only thing dying here is your credibility.”

dressing up as a clown at night
The Skelmorlie clown. Pic: Cole Deimos Facebook

Drawing inspiration from Stephen King’s character Pennywise the Dancing Clown, the clown shared a message with reporters, expressing, “This clown seeks neither fame, nor glory, nor gold. He simply wants to play in this so-called ‘Sleepy Town.’ So come and join in and learn to fear Skelmoreley the Clown.”

According to the Facebook account, the clown jokingly claims to have attended “clown school” and hails from “hell.”

“One person needs to put an end to this,” stated an individual in an interview with a local news outlet. They continued, “Someone must communicate with him before the police intervene or he genuinely terrifies someone. He could potentially cause someone to have a heart attack.”

Another individual shared, “A resident on the street adjacent to ours mentioned spotting the clown from their bedroom window just before going to bed. As a result, they couldn’t sleep all night.”

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