The Londoner says dressed as a bedbug for Halloween was “very normal”

dressed as a bedbug for Halloween: A student dressed as a bedbug for Halloween, wearing a garlic necklace and hat said it was “very normal” to do so amid concerns about the insects coming to Britain from France.

Dan Egg, a journalism MA student at City University London, went clubbing with friends around Bethnal Green at the weekend and sparked the interest of social media users with his “silly” take on a controversial topic.
The 32-year-old, from near Dalston, east London, told PA news agency: “Every year I try to do something vaguely themed.

Bed bugs apparently come from Paris, and considering people’s fear of them, dressing up as a bed bug seems pretty obvious.
“It’s not the typical Halloween thing, scary or sexy, but I enjoy being a little goofy.”
Paris and other French cities reportedly dealt with bed bug infestations in September, and London Mayor Sadiq Khan said in early October that the threat of bed bug outbreaks in France to London’s public transport network was “a real source of concern”.

The Londoner says dressed as a bedbug for Halloween1
Dan Egg/PA)

Mr. Egg’s post on X, formerly known as Twitter, has generated thousands of comments about the outfit, with people tagging their friends to marvel at his work, or sharing photos of themselves in similar outfits. They used to put

Egg said she’s gotten mixed reactions from people who’ve seen her in the outfit, including requests for photos.
“I actually went out (Saturday night) and there were other people wearing these bedbug costumes, so obviously other people had the same idea,” he said.

Mr. Egg said he bought a beetle costume and then added “various French accessories”, including a hat, striped top, and a “garlic necklace”, to create the outfit.

says dressing up as a bedbug for Halloween
Dan Egg/PA

While at the club, he said he was joined by “a few other bedbugs”, but claimed: “I was better dressed”.
Since 2017, Mr Egg has donned a range of costumes, including dressing up as Diana, Princess of Wales in her ‘revenge’ outfit, former British Prime Minister Theresa May in Wheatfields and Wagatha Christie.

He added: “It’s a pleasure to see that others enjoy these clothes as well.”

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