Accusations of abuse and neglect, distressing conditions for beloved Nara deer


distressing conditions for beloved Nara deer


distressing conditions for beloved Nara deer: The beloved Nara Deer has been persecuted by the Nara Deer Protection Society, which has resulted in many deaths.

Popular with tourists from all over the world, Nara’s famous deer is not only a famous tourist attraction but also a local “national treasure” and is revered as a “sacred deer” by local people. However, Nara city officials revealed on Sunday (October 1) that a veterinarian had accused the Nara Deer Society of long-term abuse, including inadequate feeding and the deaths of an average of 50 male deer.

In addition, the veterinarian provided relevant images showing numerous deer with severe fur loss and emaciated conditions.

According to the Japanese newspaper Sankei News, this association established a deer park to protect the Nara deer. However, mischievous deer that damage crops, are moved to a “special enclosure” for special care. The report shows that approximately 250 deer live in a “special enclosure” that is not open to the public and is located a considerable distance from Nara Park.

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However, the Deer Conservation Society’s dedicated veterinarian found that about 70 percent of the male deer in the special enclosure were starving, with some even shedding their fur. Among this group of deer, an average of a third or more, roughly 50 or more, die each year.

Male deer in a special enclosure have a shorter lifespan
The veterinary report indicates that in the investigations conducted on the male deer in the special area from April to July of this year, the average life of the male deer that died was only 5 years and it weighed about 34 kg. In contrast, a typical male Nara deer can live up to 15 years and weigh around 60-70 kg. The male deer in the special enclosure have a significantly shorter life span and a very low body weight.

This veterinarian noted that the food that is provided to the deer in the dedicated area of the association is low in nutrition and of low quality, and this means that these deer have been malnourished for a long time. In addition, the lack of adequate shelter and unsanitary water supply has increased the stress on the deer, which can be the cause of their death. The veterinarian also analyzed that the deer in the special enclosure had been living in this dirty environment and poor feed quality for at least five years and strongly criticized the association for “animal abuse”.

On the other hand, the Nara Deer Protection Association denies any mistreatment of deer and emphasizes that the deer kept in the special enclosure were mostly wild deer in the past, which made their adaptation to captive environments challenging. As a result, it causes excessive stress. It is reported that since August of this year, the veterinarian has been gradually reporting these conditions to Nara city officials. The government has now started an investigation and on October 12, the municipal health department will appoint an expert veterinarian to conduct an on-site investigation. If there is evidence of animal abuse or similar circumstances, the case will be referred to Nara District Court for criminal charges.

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