TikTok User Shocks Viewers by Dipping Lunch in Seawater for Extra Flavor

Dipping Lunch in Seawater: In a truly unconventional twist, a woman’s lunchtime behavior on TikTok has left viewers horrified and bewildered.

Donning a bikini, the diner was caught on camera submerging half a bagel into the sea before embellishing it with vibrant toppings and a dollop of burrata, which she also dipped into the water.

The video has since become the subject of numerous comical responses, including one from singer Shameia Crawford.

In her rendition of the peculiar spectacle, Crawford simply repeated the question “Why?” in her beautiful yet incredulous voice.
In the caption, she added, “We all know that ocean water is disgusting!! NO MA’AM!!!”

Dipping Lunch in Seawater for Extra Flavor
The woman proudly soaked her bagel and cheese before digging in
TikTok via @shameiacrawford

Judging by the 3,500+ comments that flooded Crawford’s video, it appears that many others share her sentiment.
“Taking ‘everything bagel’ to a whole new level,” one person quipped.

“A new definition of seasickness,” commented another.

A third person predicted, “Everything she ate would make a swift exit an hour later.”

And a fourth exclaimed, “Apart from the filth of the ocean, who desires a wet bagel?”

It’s not the first time such a peculiar encounter has made waves. Last year, Rihanna caused confusion when she was spotted dipping a piece of mango in the sea while vacationing in her homeland, Barbados, with her partner, A$AP Rocky.

In an interview with Vogue, Rihanna explained that it’s a common practice in Barbados.
She stated, “In Barbados, we take our fruits to the ocean and soak them. Trust me, it really is a thing.”

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