What is the missing result? Only people with PRIVILEGED MINDS have achieved it!

Extremely difficult math intelligence test: Today we bring you one of the most difficult exercises on the internet. Are you up for demonstrating your level of intelligence? This image is considered one of the most extreme visual challenges, as it will demand your reasoning, deductive and imaginative abilities to the fullest.

Do you think you have all these qualities to solve it? Concerned about your performance, your friends at Galgoli magazine propose a new visual exercise that could put you in trouble. Are you sure you can handle it? Then, don’t wait any longer.

The Extremely difficult math intelligence test

To develop the following mental test, you must first concentrate and eliminate all distractions, and then take your time as you only have 20 seconds to find the answer. We recommend using a timer.

Remember that only 5% were able to find the result in record time. We ask you to relax so that your mind does not confuse you when developing the challenge.

Extremely difficult math intelligence test
image source: La voz del muro





Did you find the answer to the IQ test? If you don’t find it, it’s okay, give yourself some time and then go to the bottom of the page and see the answer!




Answer to the Extremely difficult math intelligence test

Did you finish on time? Here is the procedure to find the answer. The first three shapes are identical and each one has a numerical value of 15. Because the sum of the three figures is 45. So, in the second row, the sum of the bananas gives 4. Knowing this fact and the fact that the figures in the third row add up to 10, the clock would have a value of 6. Therefore, the sum of the last row would be 2+3+ (3×11)= 38.

Extremely difficult math intelligence test 2
image source: La voz del muro

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