Find 3 Differences in the bull image in 7 seconds!

Find 3 differences in the bull image in 7 seconds: Try to find the 3 differences in the bull, 99% failed in this EXTREME challenge.
Do you think the images are identical? In that case, you will have problems beating the visual challenge. Therefore, open your eyes and solve it in 7 seconds.

Find 3 differences in bull image in 7 seconds

There is no doubt that visual challenges have become the favorites of young and old, as they search for them daily on social media. For this reason, today we present you with a mental exercise that will not be easy to solve on the first try. We wish you good luck because you will need it!

In this new challenge, you will find a bull that serves as the captain of a ship, but there are some differences that only the most astute people have managed to locate. Will you be one of them? You will need to demand your visual ability.

Visual challenge: Find the 3 differences.
Your moment has arrived! Try to locate the 3 differences in a time limit of 7 seconds, thus showing that you are an EXPERT. We recommend starting when you are 100% focused.

differences in the bull
image source: Dumapp

Did you not succeed? Your friends from Galgoli will give you a second chance to demonstrate that you are an EXPERT, but you will only have 3 seconds to not reduce its difficulty.

Challenge: Discover the 3 differences.
Answer: The differences you were looking for are in the boat’s cleat, the bull’s tail, and the veil of another crew member nearby.

Last challenge to test your abilities?
The best way to overcome this type of mental test is through practice, so we leave you with a video with a new high-level challenge. Can you face it?

3 differences in bull image in 7 seconds answer 


differences in the bull
image source: Dumapp

Shall we move on to personality tests?
If you have already put your mind to the test, why not take a break and learn more about yourself? All you have to do is look at the image and choose the tree that catches your attention the most. Your decision will reveal what you fear.

If you’re interested in more visual challenges, visit Galgoli.

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