The Difference between the impostor image Test: Can you find the 8 hidden differences in the challenge?

The Difference between the impostor image Test: Would you like to play a challenging mental game? Then, dare to take on the request of this entertaining visual challenge that has received great approval on social media, as it will require you to show your best version.

If you feel prepared to prove that you are the best, then don’t hesitate any longer and join this mental test that consists of finding 8 differences between two elves, it seems simple, but it’s not.

The Difference between the impostor Image Test

Below we share the image of the entertainment exercise, so you can try to achieve today’s goal, which is to locate 8 inequalities, but here comes the complicated part, as you will only have 12 seconds to do so.

The Difference between the impostor image Test
image source: 7second riddle




Time’s up! We hope you were able to overcome this mental challenge in record time, if not, don’t worry, you’ll soon have your rematch and surely achieve victory.




The Difference between the impostor image Test: Answer

We are more than sure that you did your best to overcome this visual challenge, but we also know that nerves, pressure, or lack of time may have played a bad trick on you. Therefore, we will share with you the answer to the exercise so you can know what all the inequalities were.

The Difference between the impostor image Test 1
image source: 7second riddle

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