Tragedy strikes when a woman chokes to death on a marshmallow during a charity event


death on a marshmallow during a charity event


death on a marshmallow during a charity event: A 37-year-old woman from Bath, UK, tragically lost her on October 7th (Saturday) after choking on a marshmallow during a charity event, leaving the community in shock and mourning.

According to The Sun, the woman had participated in a charity marshmallow eating contest to raise funds for a local rugby team.

She had swallowed multiple marshmallows and was performing well. However, an accident occurred when the host announced she had reached her seventh marshmallow.
While laughing, the woman suddenly choked on a piece of marshmallow and collapsed. Emergency personnel arrived quickly, but her airway was completely blocked, leading to her untimely death.

death on a marshmallow during a charity event-1
The flowers on a table outside the rugby club (Image: John Myers)


This sudden event left witnesses at the scene shocked. It is understood that the charity contest was held to support the local rugby team, and the woman’s eldest son was a player on the team. The rugby team released a statement expressing their deep sorrow for losing a dear friend.

Currently, the police are investigating to determine the details of the incident, while the woman’s family awaits the autopsy results.
This tragic event has prompted the community to mourn and reflect and has raised widespread concerns about the safety of similar contests.


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