The Dangerous Garson Intelligence Test: Identify the Dangerous Garson to Save Elizabeth!

The Dangerous Garson Intelligence Test: In today’s test, we see a woman who has gone to a restaurant and placed an order for food. Two waiters are standing next to her table, and both look very similar. One of the waiters claims to be the real restaurant waiter, while the other is not human at all! Can you tell which one is the alien?

Can you determine which waiter is the extraterrestrial? One of them is not human at all! But which one is telling the truth?

The Dangerous Garson Intelligence Test 1
image source: 7second riddle




You have a time limit to solve the Dangerous Garson Intelligence Test, and you only have 5 seconds to answer it. So, look at the picture carefully and with high concentration because there will be no acceptable excuse or regret later.

With the help of the Dangerous Garson Intelligence Test, you can test your visual and mental agility in an attempt to overcome this challenge. Do you always claim that no one is as observant and sharp as you? If so, you are in the right place now. You must solve the test of identifying the real Garson based on what you see in the picture immediately.




Answer to the Dangerous Garson Intelligence Test

The extraterrestrial or unreal Garson is located on the right side of your picture because he has two left hands. Also, if you look closely at his neck, you will see a fish-like gill, indicating that he is an alien. He is pointing to the colorful sleeve of the man, which he sees as evidence of the man being an alien. While the real waiter has his hands crossed.

The Dangerous Garson Intelligence Test 2
image source: 7second riddle

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