Correct the Equation by Moving One Matchstick, You Have 3 Seconds to Do It!

On the website of Galgoli Magazine, you can find some of the most challenging visual puzzles. This time, we present a mental game that has left thousands of users perplexed due to its high level of difficulty. Will you be able to solve it without cheating? Put yourself to the test!

Correct the Equation by Moving One Matchstick

Next, we present the mental challenge that will help you discover your true level of intelligence. Thousands of users claim that it is a perfect measure to know how high our IQ is. Are you ready to show your full potential? We trust in your ability.

The image shows an equation composed of matchsticks, although its result is incorrect. Your mission will be to make the operation make sense by just moving one matchstick. Do you think you can do it? We’ll give you only 3 seconds to solve it.

Correct the Equation by Moving





Can you solve it?!

We warned you that this was one of the most difficult math games that have been seen on all social networks. Did the time run out too quickly? We can give you an extra 3 seconds, but then there will be no time for more rematches. Remember that speed is key to success.




Correct the Equation by Moving. Let’s see the solution

What move was needed? You just had to take one matchstick from the equal sign and place it under the subtraction symbol. This way, the operation would read as I = III – II, which is indeed a simple and correct equation. How long did it take you? The ‘GENIUSES’ did it instantly.

Correct the Equation by Moving 2

We hope you have used Correct the Equation by Moving One Matchstick Test. You can always view and read more questions, intellectual games, puzzles, and personality tests in the Entertainment section of the Galgoli site. Share them with your friends if you like—especially those who are interested in knowing themselves better. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook and share your comments and suggestions.

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