A teacher who was sent on compulsory leave by the school authorities

compulsory leave by the school: Brianna Cuppage, 28, revealed that she teaches English and maintains an OnlyFans account to supplement her income. However, her employment at St. Clair High School in Franklin County, Missouri, has been put on hold.

Cuppage expressed her awareness of a constant sense of uncertainty, fearing the day she would be exposed. Recently, she and her husband were informed that her secret had been discovered, leading to a meeting with two school principals. The meeting addressed concerns regarding the posting of “inappropriate media on one or more Internet sites.”

Superintendent Kyle Cruz stated that the school has engaged legal counsel to investigate whether the content shared through Cuppage’s account has affected her employment. The district intends to follow board policy and seek guidance from legal experts in determining the appropriate course of action.

compulsory leave by the school

Cuppage disclosed that her OnlyFans earnings range from $8,000 to $10,000 per month, in addition to her $42,000 annual teaching salary. While saddened by her departure from teaching, she acknowledged the expectation for educators to be moral leaders. However, she emphasized that her role was focused on teaching the curriculum and guiding students academically rather than imposing personal beliefs.

Although the final decision has yet to be made by the district, Cuppage has come to terms with the likelihood of not returning to teaching. She acknowledged the risks she took and expressed sadness over being separated from her students, whom she misses dearly.

Cuppage maintains that her online posts are legal and firmly believes that sex work should not be stigmatized or considered shameful.

This situation raises important discussions surrounding teacher responsibilities, personal choices, and societal perceptions of sex work.

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